Salon Bookings

Here are answers to your Frequently asked questions

We now require you to pay up to a 50% deposit when making a booking, in the event that you cancel without notice (48 Hours) OR you simply do not turn up at all we reserve the right to keep this deposit. This is based on your appointment value.

For Online Appointments, paying the deposits will be the last step before confirming your appointment.
For Appointments made in person or over the phone, you will receive a TEXT message from FRESHA with a link to securely pay the deposit.

Things come up, we get it! You can reschedule your appointment up to 48hours before and your deposit will be transferred over to your future booking.

Only the safest! The payment provider is the same as Spotify, Uber, Microsoft, and many many more.

Remaining payments will be collected in-store, and we'll have the ability to take contactless payments, like Uber!

We are all human, we get it. We will use our discretion and tend to only keep the deposit of repeat offenders :)